Our Fave: Botanical Cards


So you maaay have noticed that there's a LOT going on here the past couple weeks. Our new website is *live*, we've launched an all-new product line, and have released a wedding collection! (Yeah, that's enough stuff that our thesaurus has run out of ways to say "new".)

One of our favorites of all this "newness" are these Botanical Cards. Each of them feature different sentiments, a variety of flora, and their own delicate winged insect (the pretty kind, not the fall-on-you-in-the-shower-and-freak-you-the-crap-out  or the chase-you-around-a-family-picnic-while-you-scream-like-an-8-year-old kind). 

Today we're showcasing each of the cards with it's own little color story! 

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