What are Choose Your Own Adventure invitations? 

Our Choose Your Own Adventure invitations allow you to mix + match styles, colors, and pieces to create your perfect suite at a fraction of the cost of a completely custom invitation suite. 

Here's the deal, there are a LOT of websites out there to tell you how your wedding should look, what it should cost, and how many hors d'oeuvres are too may hors d'oeuvres (answer: there are never too many; bring me all of the snacks). We're here to tell you that while those sites bring a lot of "pretty" to the table, sometimes they don't bring the most practicality. And god-forbid you fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole. See you in 3 weeks, amiright?

What we're trying to say is that sometimes it's hard to figure out where you and your partner fit in. You are individuals with kick-ass personalities... so why not let it show? That's where Choose Your Own Adventure suites come in. You pick the style, the pieces, and the colors to craft your perfect look.

How does it work? 


Choose a Look

You choose each piece of your wedding suite! We highly encourage mixing + matching to suit your event. Pick an invitation, envelopes, response card with envelopes, and whatever other pieces you need. For the type design pieces, we can print in any of our signature colors (or gold foil for customized orders). 


Stick 'em

Once you have chosen the design you like, decide what quantity you need (friendly reminder: invitations are sent per household and not per guest). We recommend ordering a few extra invitations for keepsakes and "just in case" scenarios. We also suggest ordering 15% extra envelopes, to accommodate for any addressing errors that may occur. 


Give us the Details

After you've purchased your invitations, we'll contact you within 48 hours (M-F) to get your personalized information and ink color choice. Please have your information prepped with the spelling + dates correct, and wording just how you like it. If there are any extras you'd like to add to your suite, this is your chance to let us know!


Proof + Print

Once we have your final wording, we'll design your suite. Next, we'll email you a proof of the design. After carefully proofreading the design, you'll sign off, and we'll send it to the printer! In a few short weeks, your invitations will arrive on your doorstep. Now, grab your best pals, a bottle of wine, and an extra large pizza to help assemble and address the suites! 

Printing Methods

Digital Printing

Ink is laid down onto the paper (similar to your home inkjet printer) using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks to create full color results. High quality paper with Digital Printing can yield lovely results.

Perfect for: Full color designs, such as watercolor, photos, or illustration. The couple looking for the most cost-effective option. 

Cost: $

Letterpress Printing

The design is made into a relief plate, then is coated with ink and pressed into your paper. The finished product produces a tactile, handcrafted result. 

Perfect for: Printing with 1-2 ink colors. The couple who loves stationery, who want to match color swatches, and who want a tactile keepsake. 

Cost: $$

Read more about letterpress.

Foil Printing*

Foil printing uses heat to apply metallic foil directly to your paper. You can choose to print the entire design using gold foil, or can combine this print method with Letterpress or Digital to use additional colors.

Perfect for: High impact designs that really shine! Great for couples who want to make a statement, and are as in love with the gold foil trend as we are. 

Cost: $$$

*For foil printing on orders, please inquire here for a custom quote and to get your order started. 

Sample Design Combinations


If you're interested in a Choose Your Own Adventure Suite,
but would like the design a little different or something extra,
contact us to get a custom quote and to begin the process! 

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