Custom Wedding | HECK YEAH for Nicki + Mark!

Soooo... this might be one of my favorite wedding projects ever, and there are a few reasons why: 

1. Designing for some of your best friends is AWESOME. Seriously, such a treat. I highly recommend it. 

2. Finally having an opportunity to collaborate with a mega-talented couple totally rules. Nicki Crock is a fine artist (go marvel at her Dream House installation; #hearteyes #unicornemoji) who I've worked with through Igloo Letterpress for years. And not to be outdone, her fiancé, Mark Eberhardt is an illustrator who has *the most* charming and approachable style. 

3. The theme of their day is "Heck Yeah!". If that doesn't convince you that this is one badass couple, then truly, I don't know what will. 

The Postcards

Nicki + Mark planned their celebration for Savannah, Georgia– the city the couple called home during Mark's graduate years at SCAD. They knew they wanted to incorporate the scenic city into the invitations, and the Save the Dates were the obvious choice!

Nicki sourced an antique Savannah postcard which we scanned, doctored up, and added our own design to. The results are puh-retty fun, if I do say so myself! Heck yeah, go team! Off to a good start.

The Invitations

Once we settled on a color palette and the too-cool-4-school string-tie envelope, we decided The Francis Suite would be a perfect vintage-meets-quirky base. Mark created a series of spot illustrations for me to use in the design, which made this suite incredibly personal and added the perfect quirk. 

Since Nicki is the head printer and production manager at Igloo Letterpress, she was able to print each piece on their antique machines, giving each piece a wonderfully tactile look and feel. 

Does it get any better? I really don't think so. Thanks to Nicki + Mark for letting me work on these with you! 

Looking for some custom wedding pieces of your own? Email me to get a quote and get started!