Well, that was rad. 

A Love Story


A designer + an illustrator walked into a bar...

Well, actually a college cafeteria. Dave and I met while we were both students at the Columbus College of Art & Design, and after years of friendship, fell in love. We were married last September in a beautiful old park near my childhood home. 

Leading up to our wedding, we decided that we wanted to collaborate on the paper pieces. Dave illustrated (view his incredible work here), and I designed. 

The main invitation pieces stack up (RSVP, Details Card, then Invitation) to make a vintage-style wedding cake, with each piece working both together and on their own. 

The Save the Dates were based on the design of the old stone pavilion we were married in front of. 

For a little something extra, we took our wedding as a great excuse to partner with a local brewery to brew our own beer. The labels were (you guessed it), illustrated by Dave, and the beer... well... it was delicious.